Mission Statement
Posted Dec 30, 2014

Our mission is to create and provide for our members of all ages and skill levels, the opportunity to learn and play the game of baseball & softball for their enjoyment and for the improvement of the game in an atmosphere in which our players support and respect each other. We encourage and expect our members and players to respect other players, coaches, managers, and officials and to exhibit good sportsmanship and fair play. Our organisation is dependent upon the commitment and dedication of our many community and parental volunteers, and we acknowledge one another with courtesy and mutual respect. 

We are dedicated to encouraging young people to become leaders, through unwavering character and integrity, learning to face a variety of situations, through personal effort and sacrifice, and showing the way through good example. We believe that character growth includes, showing enthusiasm, spirit and courage at all times, taking advice and criticism in an effort to improve, being humble and gracious both on and off the field, and maintaining respect for others in both victory and defeat. 

In addition, we provide the necessary leadership to ensure that our baseball & softball program contains components which promote social and educational values to help our young people become productive citizens. These components include, but are not limited to; good sportsmanship, teamwork, academic studies, leadership, friendship, physical exercise, respect, goal achievement, and community involvement.  

We believe baseball & softball is a vehicle with which we can educate our young people to strive to be lifetime learners, to grow through character development and leadership training, and to develop a caring and considerate environment within our teams and community.


RSA Calendar
RSA Meeting
Monthly RSBA Meeting
First Thursday 7 pm
Phillip Benizi Church
Parents, coaches, and volunteers are all encouraged to attend.